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Mr and Mrs B

Mr and Mrs B

Shared Ownership Residents

Describe what life was like and the difficulties you were encountering before you discovered Village 135.
B: Not too long ago, I had a minor stroke and it has made life that little bit more of a struggle. Simple things like getting up and down stairs had become a bit of a challenge. It doesn't help that our bathroom was downstairs, so night time was especially difficult.

C: Even though our home is fitted with handrails and such, movement around the house was tricky and the size of rooms made it difficult for him to manoeuvre…not that he will admit it!

B: We can't complain too much about our social life, although it is hampered slightly by my ability to get out and about. We regularly meet with our friends on a Thursday and chat often to our neighbour, but the rest of the week can be very quiet. I miss the good old days when we had friends coming out of our ears!

What did Village 135 offer that appealed to you or solved these difficulties?
B: Well for a start, the fact that everything is on one level! No more stairs is a blessing.

C: The size of rooms too. The wet room is so large and will definitely make using the bathroom a less stressful experience for Brian.

C: From my point of view though it's the convenience of everything. The shops are so close but the transport links mean we can stay connected to the community. We go to an over 60s club on Longley Lane and can get there on one bus. Or, if we want to go into Manchester or Wythenshawe, we can use the new Metrolink; we have so much choice.

What did you look forward to and in reality what is Village 135 life like?
B: I looked forward to having the opportunity to widen our horizons and meet new people. It's that kind of contact that keeps you young!

C: Yes, the social side definitely appeals, but the facilities too. When family or friends come to visit, we can enjoy the Bistro which saves me the job of cooking and washing up!

Would you recommend Village 135 to others? If so, why?
B: I was just blown away when I came to look around, it's so spacious, light and comfortable.

C: I did tell him but I don't think he believed me! We know we're going to be very happy here.

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